Elite Team

About Elite Team

Designed for our top performers who want to compete nationally and internationally

  • Separate our team classes by age group.
    • C Group: age 7 - 11
    • B Group: age 12 - 14
    • A Group: age 15 - 17
  • Our Team class are not based on years of experience, but by the age categories following the IWUF(International Wushu Federation)age groups. These age groups have very specific forms they are supposed to learn and compete with A,B and C Groups do different forms
  • Free Open Gym program
  • Unlimited Training Program
  • Require a minimum of 4 days a week of training
  • Home to one of the most highly respected and well-recognized competitive team in USA
  • We pride ourselves in our close attention to detail and impeccable form in the routines we present at competitions
  • We offer evaluations from our Team Trials program as well as potential transfers from other FACILITIES. This way we can determine if your athlete is a good fit for our program, as well as what level they will find the most success in. The criteria we assess is based on physical performance, mental toughness and behavioral evaluations

Rules of Conduct

  • conduct youself in a professional and courteous manner at all times, not only in training and competitions, but throughout my day to day life.
  • Promise to train and compete to the best of my ability in all events to which have committed.
  • Acknowledge coaches and teammates when entering and exiting the wushu academy.
  • Review corrections on the side as soon as receive them.
  • Always be aware of surroundings, especially when training with weapons.
  • Take initiative of training and progress by asking coaches/teammates any questions that may have.
  • When communicating with coaches and teammates, maintain eye contact and speak clearly to show attentiveness, respect, and acknowledgment.Encourage and support fellow teammates whenever they need.
  • *Outside coaching of any kind is not permitted unless agreed upon by Elite team coaches.
  • Team coaches are authorized to dismiss or suspend members from the team who do not follow reasonable instructions and/or conduct themselves disrespectfully toward Elite staff, teammates, or any judges, federation officials and fellow competitors.

New Members

  • New members are only allowed to join at least one year before the assumed/officially announced date of the National Wushu Team Trials competition and no later.
  • Attending the Wushu Athletics group class is strongly recommended for at least the first 2 months as a competition team member.
  • In order to assist with the challenging transition for new team members, private lessons are mandatory, ranging from 2 to 4 lessons maximum, once per week, and must be scheduled by the start date of joining the team. This is necessary so that new members can learn and catch up on the warm-up routine, form routines, and/or strength and conditioning that our seasoned team members have been training with over the past year.
  • Private lessons are charged separately and are not included in Competition Team tuition fees.


  • Competition Team members are required to attend a minimum of 4 days of training per week, not including private lessons.
  • Injury may not be used as an excused absence. We strongly encourage team members to still attend practices if they are injured. There is always something to work on.
  • Absences due to illness, medical, or dental appointments will be excused.
  • Team Coaches are authorized to dismiss/suspend team members with poor attendance.
  • Please let our Elite coaches know at least 24 hours in advance if an athlete will be absent from training.
  • Open Gym Sessions may only be used as make-up training sessions once a month and by coaches’ approval.


Join Elite Team

By invite or try-out only

  • For motivated, competitive, and advanced players
  • Teams will practice together minimum 4 times per week
  • Small Group Team Training (4-6 studnts maximum per coach)
  • 2 hours per lesson

Compete USAWKF Team Trials

  • USAWKF Team trail
  • The Junior Taolu Team Trials will select the 6 boys & 6 girls to represent the USA at the World Junior Wushu Championships

    The USA Wushu Taolu Team Trials will select the 4 males & 4 females to represent the USA at the World Wushu Championships

Represent USA to compete Pan American Wushu Championships

Represent USA to compete International Wushu Federation Official Events


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