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Elite Kungfu Academy is the only Wushu school in the Bay Area that trains students to compete nationally and internationally. Our students have qualified for the U.S. Wushu National Team every year and won gold medals since 2015. Students learn the value of hard work and gain a competitive edge in college applications. Elite's unique curriculum builds the fundamentals students need to reach higher levels of competition.

Our Coaches

Owner / Head Coach

Hannah Chow

Hannah is a professional Wushu athlete from China. She has 20 years of teaching experience. Many of her students have won gold medals at World Wushu Championships, the Wushu equivalent of Olympics. Hannah has been a USA National Wushu Team Coach since 2016 and a certified judge for international martial arts competitions.

Head Coach

Stephanie Lim

Stephanie is a current member of the USA Wushu National Team. She has also been a USA Wushu National Team Coach since 2018 as well as a certified judge for USA Wushu. Stephanie's has coached students from all over the country. Many have won medals in international competitions, including gold medals in World Wushu Championships.

Head Coach

Tina Han

Tina is a certified USA Wushu Judge who has a a wealth of martial arts knowledge. A graduate from Shanghai University of Sports, Tina specializes in martial arts training. Her students have won gold medals in many international Wushu competitions.


Nathan Andrus-Hughes

Nathan is a professional Health and Wellness Coach and Consultant for many Bay Area corporations, including Google and Facebook. Nathan has been coaching Elite students since 2016. An international level competitive Wushu athlete himself, Nathan provides a unique insight into what students need to reach high levels of competitions.


Recent News

USAWKF Wushu Team Trials

ALL of the Elite students who tried out made the USA Wushu Team

8th World Traditional Wushu Championship

We have won 5 World Gold medals🏅️, 8 Silver medals🥈, 12 bronze medals🥉.

27th CMAT

Our school earned a total of 52 Gold medals🏅️, 18 Silver medals🥈, and 9 bronze medals🥉. We are so proud of you all!

Class schedule

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Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team


Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team


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All Levels All Levels


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All Levels All Levels All Levels All Levels


Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team


Elite Wushu Team Elite Wushu Team