7th World junior Wushu Championship

July 12, 2018

From July 11-15, 2018, the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships in Brasilia, Brazil marked the first time the IWUF’s signature event has been held in South America. By the end of the WJWC nearly 700 participants from 42 countries and regions took home medals and memories. And bringing a high energy of the Americas was USA, with a record-setting 16 medals, 8 of them gold🏅️. And 4 of gold🏅️ from Our Elite students. We are so proud of our students.

Elite has 3 students Elena, Lucas and Margaret are represent USA in the Work championships and total got 4 gold metals 🏅️1 sliver metals🥈. Lucas  takes first place in Group C Gunshu and takes another first place in Group C Changquan. Margaret takes first place in Group B Changquan and second place in Gunshu. Elena takes first place in Girls Group C Jianshu.

Elite studets has lots of fun at 7WJWC. "They like to make new friends at the drop of a hat, and truly find wonder discovering new cultures. Whether it was helping tie a sash in the warm up area, kicking back together to watch World Cup football between events, or snapping photos at some of Brasilia’s stunning architectural landmarks, the camaraderie at this 7th WJWC was truly inspiring. Undoubtedly some remarkable lifetime friendships may have been forged here in Brazil." Sally-author at 7wjwc